This is a kit that adapts the form factor so that the H4 board can be mounted on a Mini-ITX case for a desktop PC or a DIY-NAS.

Kit Features:-
A base panel.
An IO shield-like rear panel plus support panel.
All required standoffs and screws.
A 24-Pin female ATX PSU on/off switch jumper bridge, cable plus red switch (as shown in the photo below.)
A MOLEX-to-DC Plug cable. Therefore, you can supply power to any of the H4 boards with any ATX PSU (including SFF PSU).

  • Rear side bracket cover
  • 4 x 40mm (M/F) PCB Supports (Steel)
  • 2 x 32mm (M/F) PCB Supports (Steel)
  • 4 x 6mm Truss Head Bolts
  • 24-Pin female ATX PSU starter on/off switch jumper bridge cable
  • IDE-to-DC Plug cable

Important Notes

The ATX PSU brings 12V to the H4 board. If you use SATA hard-disks, SSDs or other devices, power them from the ATX PSU, not from the H4 board.
Reason: a H4 board can only correctly power disks when powered itself by a 19V/133W power brick, especially at cold boot time. Meanwhile, even a low level 250+Watt ATX PSU will have no trouble powering a H4 board and all the attached peripherals. If you use a discrete graphics card (with an optional M.2 to PCIe adapter), use a more powerful ATX PSU to cover the power consumption of the graphics card.
H4 Mini-ITX Kit is designed only for the H4 boards and is not compatible with the H2/H3 boards.

ODROID H4 Mini ITX Kit [20007]

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