Welcome to the Odroid H4. Part of the 2024 iteration of the Odroid H-Series,
the Odroid H4 is designed for a lower power consumption overhead, making it ideal to use as a NAS server, or for any 24-hour functioning device.

Specifications-wise, the Odroid H4 has an Intel 4-Core N97 processor, accepts DDR5 SODIMM RAM (up to 48GB), and has options for Dual BIOS installations. It is also equipped with a second Ethernet port,

making it the best choice for users who need mass storage for high-performance NAS and/or use it for routing capabilities.

Click Here For Full System Specification Sheet - includes full Benchmark data.

Top Line Feature Set Compared to the Odroid H3+:-

  1. Faster CPU architecture - Alder Lake N vs. Jasper Lake. Plus AVX2 extensions.
  2. Faster DRAM interface DDR5 4800 MT/s vs. DDR4 2933 MT/s.
  3. Higher base and boost CPU frequencies and more powerful iGPU.
  4. An additional DisplayPort added allows the simultaneous use of up to 3 monitors.
  5. This lower cost ODROID H4 unit is perfect for straight computing and graphics applications (e.g digital signage, CIOT robots using ROS, factory automation...)

We also implemented little details following the ODROID-H3 feedback we received from all of our users. Examples of this are: 

1. The new cases designed for the H4 have been improved, so that a cooling fan can be mounted inside the case.

2. We have developed a Mini-ITX kit for seamless integration with standard generic ITX PC cases. Useful for fitting these into a compact office environment.



CPU (Intel) Processor N97
Code name Alder Lake-N
Launch date Q1’23
Microarchitecture Gracemont
Cores / Threads 4C4T
Cache 6 MB
AVX2 (Advanced Vector Extensions) Yes
Single Thread Burst Frequency (GHz) 3.6
Max. Memory address space (GB) 48
Max. Memory Speed (MT/s) DDR5-4800
iGPU (Intel UHD Graphics)  
Burst Frequency (MHz) 1200
Execution Units 24
Video outputs  
DisplayPort 2
PCIe (via NVMe slot)  
Generation Gen 3
Lanes 4
Compatibility with optional  Yes
4-ports 2.5GbE
Net Card
IO ports  
USB 2.0 2 ports
USB 3.0 2 ports
2.5GbE 1 port
24pin IO Expansion ports I2C x 2
  USB 2.0 x 3
  UART x 1
  HDMI-CEC x 1
  Ext. Power Button x 1
Optional Cooling Fan Slim 92-15 or thick 92-25 mm 12 Volt
standard PC 4-pin
Slim fan fits inside the new cases.
Dimensions 120x120mm (4.7×4.7 in)
Recommended Power Supply 1 60W
Recommended Power Supply 2 133W
for supporting booting
with 3.5″ hard disks
Unlimited Performance Mode Yes
Security (TPM 2.0) Yes
Hardkernel H-series cases  
The cases are made of solid and sturdy PCBs.DIY assembly
Certifications FCC/CE/KC/RoHS

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