Replacement main board for the ODROID-Go Advance. If you have caused damage to the main board of the ODROID-GO Advance this is a direct replacement for it. Simply disassemble the damaged system and reassemble it with the new board and your system will be restored.

AUSB Type-A Power CableJD-PAD rubber
BTop enclosureKA, B, X, Y button rubber
CBottom enclosureLbattery sticker
DPlastic L/R trigger, X, Y, power button     MAnalog joystick
EPlastic D-pad, A, B ButtonsN320×480 TFT LCD
FODROID-GO-Advance boardO0.5W speaker
G3000mAh batteryP1.7×5 screws (7 pcs)
HLCD windowQ1.7×8 screws (4 pcs)
II ~ VI button rubberRDriver

Mainboard for ODROID-GO Advance [80003]

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