Add a display on an ODROID-C4 without any cable by plugging it into the 40pin female header on the back of ODROID-VU7C, and connect the HDMI port on C4 to the one on the VU7C using a HDMI link board. You need a type A-A HDMI cable to use it with an N2+.

The VU7C is designed to extend the IO ports on the C4 and N2+ while using the display. The 7pin header on VU7C is for I2S. Add a Boom Bonnet kit using 7pin cable. The 5pin header on VU7C is for I2C.  An RTC Shield is ready to use.



7-inch TFT-LCD

1024(H) x 3(RGB) x 600(V) pixels hardware resolution

Screen Dimensions : 164.9(W) x 100.0(H)

Viewable screen size : 154.21 x 85.92 mm (active area)

5 finger capacitive touch input

Power consumption : 1.75W ± 10% (50% duty cycle) / 3.5W ± 10% (100% duty cycle)

7 Pin Header for I2S / 5 Pin Header for I2C


Package includes

Fully assembled 7inch display

3 x 3.5mm screws

3 x Hex nuts

HDMI link board (HDMI Coupler)

Odroid VU7-C - 7" 1024x600 HDMI Display with Multi-Touch [77708]

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