The Odroid VU7C is the third generation of the VU7 panel - and as an improvement on it's predecessors you can connect use it without an independent power cable.

Connect the VU7C to the ODROID-C4 using the 40pin GPIO header on the back of ODROID-VU7C. Then connect the HDMI port of the C4 to the HDMI port on the VU7C using to the supplied HDMI link board. The panel draws power through the GPIO pins, and it's video signal through the HDMI port.

Looking to use it on an N2+ board? No problem - connect the board to the 40 Pin GPIO sockets, and use any standard HDMI A to A cable to connect the video. Again - no need for an external power cable to the monitor.

If you need to use the GPIO pins on your board still - not a problem. The VU7C has extensions out so you can use the ports with your own header kits. The 7pin header on the VU7C is for I2S, so you can add a Boom Bonnet kit using 7pin cable. The 5pin header on the VU7C is for I2C onto which you can attach an RTC shield.


7-inch TFT-LCD

1024(H) x 3(RGB) x 600(V) pixels hardware resolution

Screen Dimensions : 164.9(W) x 100.0(H)

Viewable screen size : 154.21 x 85.92 mm (active area)

5 finger capacitive touch input

Power consumption : 1.75W ± 10% (50% duty cycle) / 3.5W ± 10% (100% duty cycle)

7 Pin Header for I2S / 5 Pin Header for I2C


Package includes

Fully assembled 7inch display

3 x 3.5mm screws

3 x Hex nuts

HDMI link board (HDMI Coupler)

Odroid VU7-C - 7" 1024x600 HDMI Display with Multi-Touch [77708]

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